King Von Ends FBG Duck Beef (2024)

King Von Ends FBG Duck Beef (1)

we all black. . .

Since 2012, the multiple deaths in Chicago have been covered from major media in a bad light. While many believe the entire city of the Chi is an all-out warzone, it is just between a few neighborhoods in the Southside.

This week, King Von confirmed that he and FBG Duck had squashed their beef; opening the door for Black Disciples and Gangster Disciples to have discussion on resolving their past issues. Both respected camps have been involved in a publicized blood bath, since the murder of Lil JoJo many years back.

Last year, FGB Duck tried to bring peace to the situation, shouting out opps in his “Chicago Legends” music video. However, rivals from other camps continued to mock the deaths of his close friends, prompting him to react through music.

After Duck’s death, Von, grandson of the founder of the Black Disciples, has taken the first major steps at opening a dialogue with the Gangster Disciples to bring peace. This is something many mothers, sisters, aunts, fathers, grandparents and children of the dead from the city would want to happen.

If you are in New York, you should be familiar with the Wooos and Choos, which have Bloods and Crips in their respective sets. The same happens in Los Angeles and Houston when certain areas are linked up – regardless of which flag color they decide to rock.

However, Chicago is not like those cities, given the severity of non-intermingling of camps. This eventual peace treaty could transition to certain hoods out of New York like G-Stone and 8 Deuce Trey (with 9-Trey in the cut) linking up with the 74 GDs in NY to end war.

The entire Wooo vs. Choo situation would evaporate immediately, with everybody having to fall in line. An alliance does not need to happen for either two, as we do not expect sets to end; but they could move in peace. If you are old enough to remember, nobody believed crip and blood rappers could co-exist, but it happened on record.

Then it happened in a group, which nobody expected in a million years. Years later, we saw a music mogul open up his own label and signed several acts from rival areas in Los Angeles, which nobody thought would ever happen either.

We’re not saying that Black Disciples and Gangster Disciples will immediately become friends; but King Von is the first person we know who won’t take backlash from rap peers on wanting to have dialogue. That door could lead to the Wooos and Choos having their sit-down, given the similar drill music movement we’re currently seeing.

We would like to see Fivio Foreign and Young Costamado on music tracks with 22Gz and Coach the Ghost. This would mean a lot to the respective communities these young Kings have major influence on. The youth would see change and think about the bigger picture, which for us to move into a different tax bracket and have ownership. With everyone making money, and saving our own communities, those powerful young people would never have opps in any hood across the states.

This is what Big Meech and Nipsey Hussle were doing with inspiring the youth, given the extreme government regulated environments around their place of residence. Makaveli also explained this thought pattern, years before he and Suge Knight tried to open doors for east coast rappers, that didn’t have their voice or authority in power the two used to get their people paid.

Similar to 2pac, King Von has respect for the OGs, gets respect back from the OGs; and is part of the youth, who all follow him. It’s imperative that more young Kings like Von and others keep speaking out, like Nipsey Hussle tried.

KingVon ft. Fbg Duck 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I was gone hold dis bitch to my Album. But if mfs want it imma drop dat bitch today. Or hold it and put durk on it 2 ??? 🤔

— V.Roy🦅 (@KingVonFrmdaWic) September 16, 2020

Me and Duck settled Our differences right before he passed💯. We was talking bout bringing everybody together as a whole n changing da community for the better. Imma still stand on dat sh*t. every step of the way imma be thinking of u. Even doe u dissed my dead homies and family

— V.Roy🦅 (@KingVonFrmdaWic) September 16, 2020

King Von Ends FBG Duck Beef (2024)


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