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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

THE ADVERTISED A DET AIDE TUESDAY MAY SI 1898 7 Houses and Land or Sate pre ji THE HOLIDAY IN THE COUNTRY I Cat'paw I Houses and Land or Sate Business Notices JOHN MILNE BEAUTIUL WEATHER 1 ev arem MM4Q Vt VM lit 11 tdgwd with brown lur nnd Uack and Lttk aed waite hat: bonnet Mr Tennxo: UmV Osck cn poa awl jei bck biaefc with grvy hat of n'vi With ro fronts id ajlt tsrawMia bJut i of Blk 51 iai Guilin PARKSinKTa THE CUP WON BY THUNDER men i QUKKJf 'burn ikinif kg (wral h) bx ar Um I ord 1 vre) liun ficep Blooaitoiit and Recoup Time HbMbUb 01 OXHUU Wil ij etL WUlTMORi SvVABt lmlri Batt lliil i kncd It MdKrataa cuunux mi to tomato too i 0 A lay lt iij Ktetk'Oiao i os' MMU A PRESENT DAY MIRACLE WILL ORMS Hill Au I GOODWOOD LAND OB Uli 3 3 0 Priest 0 0 0 0 au eapply bqud Md eota refreahmetita BSVW "IHl MSUr tUJ MAMHUBf VfJ re in i vuv of blaek silk and jot routed with black again jumtnug chiffon Visa Gertie Hove brown and tor take and be ca 0 0 0 0 dby liocki A BARGAIN COLES BOOK ARCADE Ad Eilratrdioary Offer Cbrtotertov that that ooune alone would not cure me At PRIEST ZudJOftrOSl 3 0 AuetlMeen ufl Talutari 0 0 ADSLAID 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Insurance Companies MON SY TO LAND Ctouiaw black GEORGE OLDHAM 'bitnailk vast eta reven wr Hinj'riar Bunts MdUms prospect i tinted WW tortile 3 3 Cherry In 1888 rn 2 3 Pectoral 0 0 (wroff a ona faawinr uoilf to LNND to Uweat Baton anta BOYLE 111 KingWm st 0 0 0 GREEN CO 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Bae pmittoo good wall 0 URTHER PARTICULARS ON APPLICATION di 0 0 or Cherry 0 Pectoral 0 Recoup Ijj The Sybil 4 THE TLR Yd UMlli a ttt Wgtfs Chid fifNlll I ibe XAXAChK ttoes Vtoenerwa 1st SEEDS SEEDS PLANTS in BVNDLMtuxr twim liui diicwnw 1 touinM confiduaLtl AVilA Ml AL uagr 428 YALLSt MiaMe lee GILMBT rTBBn CTT nm rem tag £173 wvua euruen me wro WV" ue avuw vwvee Jin Woodman rich black ailk coetusm trimmed with cows of jsl over deep amber veairoce lead IM KI jrica tl er earn trai xuEWOOD Magwo otre eamm ata penny preoena tan fisitenrne at Company 780 ft fay soo ft next Maylatai IliMrl aonunel tverne GOODWOOD WBST Poor ABotawato sdjeto Kiyyer ot tbe Xa OA end la fed fl AXOABATBSCT Sow en a een ebODV taU comer Mock real KM IM OjQft APKLAUX VaMevBnoMdL eWUOU Viua 8 toma far Mb mflw "OUEAC Immediate tetirt and cure 'd Cferrtopber udJ ILS the Prinee otamH tag be ladim owe attired ibeir newoat and beat and the droao diapUy toaetbolaetwaafanc )'! I'arerwn Ix'UiV WlOKI (mrr Ruhr tilsekboarta yettmr proaey iKitby kn arn ilw It of ix 'jkl acnon ataLltCi Botartra and drMk vilte baartf eketon lanpl tba vneiaec vmM wa nottsed a face tbaatamMto ttK of a vary wot anaaon etta thn RuiaMj Onp Mn KU Jeitatrt RiaMannii evu Goodwood near Two tll ImllT Coiueei Back (ear ream couetted witk deep dmnace Veit let Pne? Good metotuioei Ke el Adelaide Sew atone Kome a lees racnm both paotrr waebbouae and tube UujoneB la and daaica alM Land Cbariaootnot Vetoy 10a pee toot Tba opening meet of the Mount Gambier bound took place ibia afterDcaxL It waa a epii ndid run An entertaiaipcDC waa bald to night tn the inatitute and the hall waa cruudod vell haowo pramma total eeoofitad by Mr Hod eon Maylnnda Supartoe BoMenaa at Wimc aad ell cooeeoMocea eretoea eaahoom Bn aeeee laad lull nlaoteA Pamtohod ne iai rm itott 1 when doing their preliminary in the atnigbt Mr Jaaiwe a trio looked bl and wall Holmes baring the mount on Eleueituaa bat it vat Mostar in a Said of 15 and a wrfcably eloao SniA bstMen four Tbo jw UlB KuUiam I toy Mwkr gMhsring place tor tboeewbo hke to watcb lta tota sm put thairovu little bit on at the latmt moment when they think they bare MONSTER ATTENDANCE AND EXCELLENT SPORT ARC BIRTHDAY MEETING moats and spotaugthnlataM Iseorita Tbiaot umeaoity eauaaa a wmh al the wiadoan up till that baa bean oat tab esaaon and included km EmUengy tte Oowrar Mba Mabel Busaoa Me CWtaa Besaon and Captain miha I 3881 Mr JMkia Dentin ewm 14 athaev and baa maanaabe a big naan Swbeta Inerian The Htarag HAVE OR KTDB PACK dim le Wa ad per ft PAKADB NOBWOOD comer block rood can JOHN WhWt CM QLADfftUSL CBAMBUU PIBlBATBKKI INVESTMENTS THKtX CUTtaGtB ytoldlag KM per annum atx OOTTAGU ytoldmr £Tt yer Munn £S7i TVi'U V1LUAH yialdlor per aanuro KPIS two KEOKM'M wlCin KISS par aaum MORE BIG DIVIDENDS Tbo Adelaide Booing dab wen agaia fcr tuaMa ia striking good wvsther on Monday for their Birthday Cep aaiakaahiem Tbo morning opened with krwonag oioeds Ant be lokaaed pluvial discharge at an early period but about noon tbo ana asaertad hiamnlf and broke thraagb tad disponed tbo veil of mnia tote and a beautifully mild and pleaaaal after noon followed The evoniagdid act pass bow ever without the thraatomad deaomilaccurnag as a bgbt shower fell ahnttVpim Last year it will be remembered there was a very heavy doerupow jvtt aa tbo Birthday Cup waa ataruag and viatan hmi to carry tbeir waier lorltri I nckye t' KxKeiood 'll Jletxirisld UaVi Moaday vaa tba taat wtanar of tbe BirtMay Cep in IM with Ma Talk of tba Hilb wit Liittbj'tma Seed of 11 it nisi a The next year waa BiobmrmdX who bool 16 otter sumpciikw Tbw Ma MoDaottd won i to and bb wwttntt to stoat the mc ATS Wtet the tint weemhb of tte by aw lady penman under Jamm Haadnida MP Hon IL Howe MLCX Mr Nicholls nod Mr A Vyhita Barker nd Cornelias royal bias vol vatedged with brown fair Hue and brown tea i Mia ulford deep purple with hand eons shaded appliqeA nrniiastrts Miaa Molly rTWKt TMg MTSBB HIS WiUW HBI0 trimmed with black Mn Gunge Gwt atet ZUPEX fair ess was greater ttea we ten seen on any previous otttmen at Vittoria Park Not only vw tbe gmnd stand sad lawn an closure ibiong ad tet tte ttd and new stands were taxed tn tteir utmmt and the Derby iowmio so crowded that it waa dttfi eelttomoeoateaK Tbe qeadrapio ontbefial wot also crowded and tte gnaiiwi wen db JAMES ROBERTS TOWERS COURTICTOBThtelPAMl IttetoeMMK MkliwMI A TORT ADELA1HE IUX EULOGISES HILE LEANS XBAh kftdtoa beta etoVVv csUu suustad beat yon etKtal Ate OBTft ADCLAIOC steOoV Nettt oattage i loome lowing year with HaiWanoi beating eleven ntbtoa In 1D1 Mr Pattataon won with lAomaat in a aid of 1A ami tte year fafiotoiag mw Mb Witooa win wta Ln Tore? tte i tart ma nambwi 1A In 18M Nr Ceosier scored with nihaaa aaainat 14 it ii lidl AAl aake The dam of ibe winner Consort luop) by St Allans Queen Elizabeth by Autocrat QiKcu met with aa accident course whilst racing some time ww put ia tbe paddock ami bad a I PILLS PIKUlUhUD bAlLY Wa have Pnvsto 8tocage AsesamofaClee tor Sfeouun KAfAjUlAAK UKXUtAL nUKtUIJ WTKl fbiUipa 3l7collinntreei Melbourne Osi ceUtf eftnaud al Wavdle teat ce leva ctaM HOWL VMtoa bath esBareJOV saahtwuea attuMCd Bail SUsto Pna abate I pm Ha giallnaj and Mte Bmttcn took tteb depacbwo nttm ate Cap was The only re i of bad cntnrlrxfons la riTt 'fni jt be ilieonl preventive ct Ingairtiia' xi clogging of tte pores Lbo tatue ot txi campLcxtoualdMCguntoicus A Sl xLWO 4117 LSto SSML Kill 417UU DIM 41WI £MU KOI 4410 CSLEY LX OILBKUTON Itek 4124 Holbrook plum color edged with brown far Hack velvet hat Mrs Rirtinn black Mbs taaRidwcs Itato 9e ul and to td Za 0L end SA Klam Li'lnc sad "Choir lnvilbeM td and 8dL Kin IWkmn'l Mines BooUibj or Lust si Hate" td sad I i ia traj 1 U4VIP 1 let viur 2 ad (wrlBIDATB imi ws uoitaUviM and anti I Bet Aa vUGitoa artavwsca Gold Wver ar Mane st evwy dtotoigtes as 00 MlaaMMi VXLY ASHER SING A OBUKUsnutn ADKLA1PK tucmaas aiitM TOW AID CDCTTIY BUSIKSS EXCUME te WATMOVTMnTMSBB 8Bs or Colds Congbs Bronchitis Sore Throat Influents and Incipient Consumption no remedy approaches Ayefs Cherry Pectoral It has Iodj been the most popular aud successful anodyne expectorant in Pharmacy and ia everywhere approved and recommended by tho aculty It soothes tbe inflamed membrane Breaks up irritating mucus allays eoughing and induces repose As a family emergency medicine Cherry Pectoral takes the lead or the relief and cure of croup whoop ing cough sore throat end all the pulmonary troubles to which the young are so liable it is invaluable Ko household is quite secure without BULLOCK GO HAVE OR SALE £ttO LVMnoN Honm I romw Uf teMdgi b) enntodtr tn effn LilUUttUN fcn'XAIK coraw block T0xlSdKm 9IGL rti PARK towral nllaCawoX titan 8X WAVVILLL wvtrnl MtoUMnu Irowtaft SOBTH CNfKV toad from fL PEA Tm Stoll ted Stott WrtoAM teto tert yror Mi Jomtt wna with EbomaiA ia teld of Of tte ritem KilduS woewion Tom twite htataoa twite Power twite ate Waite twite white tte otter jaeteya who attend Um winnwn to victory warn Waiter Williams Mocro Ctnekwll Wymox Midlath Quinta WhiRy MaOowaa Itnn Dy nad Ovr 3o far Monday it GEO ROBERTSON A CO VBEUlAMAlIUm AOKLA1UB Tvlepboai nue itewveW temvdtox row itete woopooca a on nmii hmk UPSB KBBStXUTOW Hte tate tebr nten trnm trtti KKKBtvaTOa PABK Twa aew VOm ba tte 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(T Torpeyj Mr Hodgkins' cm tec Bleu 5 oc 6 yrs 8 st 5 lb (E Hodgkins) £4H lite Mr II Hook Bent Man ft yrs 8 2 lb i tonoettl £58 Mt Carmelite 5 yiw 8 2 lb (A Egan) £145 Mr Biteft 3 yre 7 sL 13 Id (W Lake) Mr Gordrei's Smilterecnt 3 yre 7 st 13 lb (E Etlndgn) £334 Mr A I Gratuity yre 6 121b Mcltelull) crniarv uiere fun fwnM'fm iwmn lelCKVi) Inf Ml'KI ly ALXLS XiIKIC UlALi' the otSTia I S' toeUK il UuU ue CABBUCl KALB low prt jas icAHxrxva XX1IPLB QHAMBBBS QUUIUIMR VUtEYABD Asm to to3 tanrinr TnHe tab lades trow town A SytendW BUICK toe OKB TLBNAh'S BLSIDtNCE KNIGHT8BBID0K VIIXA nt mat tend tt Un ALLOTMENT bus iSu: darn toetatkn KAKT Mwr dtoMOad ctOOV iwwione VILLA Ore ran as rebar beta eticioad back tnm nanr aartawmhto guanatewl wtont gnod cue llMar torna tfdkvw Krta Norwood IaL ut US to none I DANIELS GILBERT LACK OPT MHTOLKT AND WELrn RANDICAP Of 1X5 nova eecond bone Io reneire 15 nova and tte tbrd I'laov out of tbo otote Minimum weight aL One mix £G2u Mr Kowente Tapioca by GoUl borougn Vermicelli 3yn 8 sL 1 1U (K Lewis) £532 Mr iuore 3 ym 8st UlkiW Lake) 54 Sir br KoUaro 5 yrv lu st 7 lb tW IWell) £158 Mr Birksgnte 5 yn 8 st Gib (J Umgii) £204 Mr Lori a My Novel 3 yrs Ost 1 EL Hodgkins) AHUN I erSOOA I A I to rood teat Adelaide Alierei trots miles 0 1 milre 4 Altered to mile turlwigj Altered to 1 milts KENHINGTOX bTASIZH A handicap of Kid eove weond bone to receive 1 ota and tbe third lu nova out ot the stake or two yurolda five fur GLENELG Accountant and General Commission Agents ImmoriitlT Cto AdvaaooB irntn upwards vudo to ad reMnutto peraoM upott pot ot bbcutuv or BuU 1 Ml BlLUt DiNco*ckTEO The Codecuoa of OVUMM BMK DUH end HgMK Pers upon epedaUy adraata ywoa lerura CdMMlKUM charged only open amounts setnafly OR SAXE GLENELG Tte Booth Aiielta Oemitet tete aWM 11 atti'inii Ki enreu ntmuer 1 out iald not get i an cxci' ng finish reuniting in fsvot 01 Thunder Queen by lhr yitartera i a length I'riscren of Unaa) £lt lite br Hear Hear by Iteuir 4 yre TaL 121b Cripps) £7 Mr Bloodstone Lv Athoane 5 yra 7 11 lb (T JliUhewi) Mr nickenbotbam'a br Cbok bore by Ethel 3 yra 7 eU 11 lb (R Walker) Mr Bradtorl'a Lochaber by Eily (Connor 4 yr 8 st 7 lb iuCudiu 14 lb penalty (IL Lewis) 14 5 Mr heiiy'a llirkscate by Gator Xterosa 5ym 7 st 2 Ils 1W Ky £52 Mr Melrone's br Goodwill by Grautude 3 yn 1 st 11 1UJX Willi) £111 Mr Jatuea'a br Lord Salis bury by 3 rra el 13 Ils including 3 lb over (W Wil luun) £17 Mr Mellen's Trentaiui by Treutoa Montaltek 8 yr 8 au 1'1 lb including 3 lb over (J McGrath) WAKTKD KICHAMK Bntiqboa rowna awiMMata eon Ita CITT PBurtlBTT teen Lsttw "Mote aucise blue Mrs John Barker black Mina Nolte Barker dork urtim with velvet tedioo end Uack and gnwa bat Mr Noemna Bnco binek canvas ever oilk and biaek ond violtt toque Mr Pack band aome black brocade Mr Wolh black nry haubume velvet mpe elaliuratoly briuded and black end whito bat Mr 8 Aldridge looked oxoeodingly nice in a akin of block brocade with fnll of lace beaded with jot bodice of petunia aablack with paettmetewie trimming toque oompceed entirely of pale double nuleta and pnneieo of tbe name abode ter rioter Mr Quaaaei Vu in a akirt of dull etoctnc blue and long Husmm blouse of brown velvet and fur Mr HsJ lorao black black jet bonnet with pink rcaee Mte CHalloran dark blue and eeeata sarin yoke edged with lace Mr Algar Sweet apple dork green doth trimmed with narrow gold bsnid and bleak bat with wreath of vwfete Mr core a pretty cotente in brown end purpK with hat eo suite Mr Gordon Ayon navy bine ooat ate akirt Mt Arthur Garditer wore a header ms eoetaeso of rich black brocade tte oteulder frill ate RUNGE D1ENS1G CHEMISTS ANGAS STREET PHARMACY aSoAb miKET AUKlJilDE (serea doors Met ot Oi arro rrtlnM ermosl 1 4 wv nte wltBt Mktatattd 1 Druf Mectkiovt tMWRr' Ud lo thia eoiooT VS wv 14 er VILLA mem teth tete VCnV stebta lead HO 1 otretod Wte lugtoo ruod SL Votat Any sa tame as bo of a sin When rMkm "Ul Men 2 HILLMAN A COACH (7 WAYM80TNST4t0 fc A Guies ea Hoosi double trooL A4Od helk cellsr vonadata vraea Miv Psrtside it sMendid Mees 4 nee ifcfjVV hash Stade 40 Iw dirt ebrafs 4 srsr Xasr L'ity doulAe iratit UouOs Sras cL4v colder Ws 1U0 abed sonte Perstoie lorterol seer I'ante V0 nua Acltebte cwdm eootAMA a rm Cut Adelaide Horrow idl Villa ot4 irJ nna hici'O sad unilnsiiihil res Urge ysri ienu tsueeoe OR SALS nlry Muy Sotelaalvaily belli VW da Gratuity 2 yr 6 121b (C McEnlull) 0 Aubxint inreted £154J 3 dividend £4 4s and £1 1 uo 3 tote Cannelite atd Barton were the tuet pair to ire going and then followed Orb and Gra tuity with Stiitbervem and Lao Bliu the last: twx After going a furlong Lees Motuc and Beat Maa took up tbe running from Orb Gratuity and Doarix then camo Tte Bisbop in the rise Ik st Maa and Lees Monid were still adiw Dearie and Orb being next and Gratuity and Barton were tte leas two Vu tte ton of the hdi tte same pair led Dean Tbe Bishop Lee Bleu with Cannelite las Entering tbe straight Lem Momo waa abend of Best Mas Orb Duni and Lac Bleu Un tolling tbe pickets Lees Mooic wasin (rantof itertoo and Gratuity Barton then came for ward ate won with a length and a half to spar Orb ran into second ftlac threw quarters of a length stead of Leva bionic GraXtnty was fourth Dsortv fifth Tte Bishop Birth and Beat Maa yeveuth Then came Cawtej 3 Heacltia THB DBE8SE3 By MixxJ There wm a very large attendance of indies at tte A RC Birthday meotin and more than jort a sharp piiemit gianeo st many ai the frocks it waa unpoaeible to obtain There were tone very tendacaw drwaem war though good many at tte fair eex were making tbrir AdeXwle Cup frocks do a aacond duty Tte onrome partiality for vioteta aad daahea cl violet and purple foe tend gear waa very appa rent for in gianacg along the stand just war to a rue when tte majority of people be 1 toft the lawn ttern wan hardly a hat or prorata to be aeon that did not bear tba pre vailing hall mark of teebtox ortunately tor Mr Haeoltine moot have been in tte good books tt tte god Pinviu who eooaidmtely deigned to bold over bn rifts until after tte days proaeedinge ted terminated Nmetaon barms starting ia tte Cup waa a groat anxiety to the feminine mind ate few I fancy wore anrriteul THOSE IX WANT CASH noM4)foadd lo Apply Uklht OjbEhX iraUAN OHOC SA LOAM AHO DISCOUNT BANK PUnta Smu QPEOI OP QUBKN Vtad ua tto lutriM Oastto or tor juapa ia tte Hnedto Bat All told the MtondaMe aouH not hmm tem tom than 000 poopisi tte actaMNO bring greatar than any tinea Exhibition yon It waa fortunate that tte dub ted mean tte recent Mtaoaione at tte Derby stand Which besides giving a gttBNWALL '1B AMP MAB1NB 1N8UBANCB CONANT LUUTUk CoervRttoo Lulls ExcoMEVSN TIM Lt ITS ANNUAL PBUtKnCB tMees umxr tWTt Eagle CMniin V'lUi 0 Tncalixstur Amount invested £2 13 dividend £17 12s an 4 £11 18 on 5 tut Aitor a delay Celia was left at tbe poeL Eulalie was fit away from Albani Ranfurly and 1'aru The tost two were Cicero and Giatuiiy On the run Eulalia led Albani Hainault and Tarw Then came Lady Meioourno aud Hainault Uu reaching ibe picki'to Eutolie was ahead of RanfurJy Tarsus aad Hamault and at tte two furloag poet tte leading tno was Eutote Kanfurly and Hainxulk At tte icketa Kanfurly got in front ot Eulalie wbo was followed by HainaulL Kanfurly led to tte Derby stand where Tarsus who had lorged on pmoed him and won by a abort neck Hainault rot tus bead in front of Rauuriy at tte finish and Gratuity waa fourth Parallax filth Eulalie rixtb Then followed Cicero Albani Celia and Irady Malteurn Tun 1 mte 4j so Nousrooo UANi'icar Of 150 aova second irone to recasve 30 ecv and tte third 10 sova out of tteatak bu turkmg Mr Jenkins's Alveary by Wueea Bee 5 yr 7 8 lb (W Kay) £531 Mt uad 6 yr 8 st 6 ib Late) Mr Quinn's i or br 0am Mor 2 yr 7 at 4 it I Dunn) £322 Mr JGClarke'e Australian 5 yr st 8 lb Lewis) £175 Mr boobies Chit Chat yrs 8 st 2 lb (H Hidmm) £32 MrW Bulej 'a Koan 8 yta 8 st (W £314 Mr Howie's br Dnapa 4 yr 7 st 12 IK (ik Matson) £221 Mr CroxMr Security 3 yr 7 st IK (J McGrath) Mr A Herring's br Cigarett aged 6 a 12 IK (W Burn) £2 5 Mr Doooelly'a Blue Blood 6 yr Gst 10 IK (S Widia) £67 Mr 1 itznvy Kaa 5 yr 7 at 4 IK incluuiii 11 IK over (T Nat ttewsl £66 Mr Bheppord a Qytern nraar 5 vr 6 st II 1 mcludinc 3itx over 8tepird) 0 Amount iavwtad £2738 5 dirideod 1 and £2B 3d oa fi tot Cigarette was away Aral from Dump osk! when ttey had aett'ed down Alveary led Cigarett Security and und Un the ri ie Cigarette was in front of Security Alva ary und Blue Blood CliitChat aad Australia On reaching tbe hill Cigarette waa leading Alveary Security Blue Blood aad uad I loing down tte rise Cigtireti Alveary Cbit Chat Blue Blood and Australian waa tte order aud two (urloaga iroai home Cigarette tod Alveary and Chit Chat At tte picketa Aiveory raa up first from Chit Chat und Cigxrett and Unce More Alveary Um came OU Md won by a length 1 und was a length and a quarter in fresit of Uuce Mor Chit Chat was fourth Cigarette fifth Dumps sixth Australian ocvenui and then catoo Blue Blood Clvtemaestr and Kao with Security toL Tim 1 mi 1UJ Book StfitiOBgry GEO ROBERTSON CO LIST LATE NOVXU would ba subjected to severe attacks retak ing I used Busy advertised remedies and gave them fair trials ia the hope (bat they would sb ord relief but they were of nosvuu whatever During toe November I waa forced to tate a holiday and for a time 1 felt a little better for it but cot for toog Tbe eicknree returned and though I managed to keep in tte shop I fell utterly unfit for work Customers would cmm in and 1 would have to speak though no one wbo ban not suffered with ibe iiier can imagine tbe ditteulty 1 bad to couvsn Otte day customer dropped in when I was a little worse than usual and noticing my appearance be enquired what was wrong Un being told be immediately recotumeudrd me to try Bile Bean I was ready to try anything and at once ulKained a tex 1 cun honettly any that not one had etaueed betore 1 was auto to enjoy my ml a thing aa I teve said befor which had bu fur year I continued with tbe rt for about two months uoiug nearly two bote At pimunt I am better than 1 ever ro otimber having been I have not ted an attack at bdiousnees since I started with tbe remedy aad 1 oliali ba only too planar to tJI anyone who mere to knuw bow I euffmed aad how 1 waa cured by Bile Beno" Bile Beans are an undoubted specific far Bdrousmn Hosdanb Indigestion Debdilr esrala ailment Coati visas ile Liver Troubto kc They may be obtained at all chemists rio 1 IM per Lox South Australian agent El auldiag A Co King William street Adelaid sure you get tte genuio Tate nothing that tte cbotuist saya ia ae good" but wtech is an inferior article oa wbseb be gets a larges pront Uster brown Mias Morri naw hlueeaavM Mr li Btosobmor navy blns coat and ska toque with cmm salsa crown and tips Miss Wigtoy navy blua Mr Henry SeweU nch bison taocade OMtam wall jot booatt with pink roeobude Mr Oeser Bmtoy navy doth coat and skirt large plaited gsooa straw tei tte crown encircled with violate Mr rovy eras suss iwiiw greew esMt ma Mt Jim Aldridge looted very nice in navy Uno with velvet Rasuaa bforoe aad black toque Mr Scarf dark gtami Mr fcmito Brote wneo a very ttmat dm at a pale shade of tmicb grey npautottat aad akirt with narrow brown fur Mr Monk dark green aad black Mr (Dr) Symcu dark gveo coat aad akirt gathaewi silk vwt of ma mit sueettn rilk straw tet trimmed with huechse of lilac Mien Edith brown aad grew abet rex grata aud brows tat Mte Edith Hawker navy Mae braided with black Mr Blate brown with But rina blouse bed we frogged with black braid Mr WiUtasa Kitta naadaomo brocade tame in black with cape on suit edged with pink rilk ruche black aad oteeia bemnst Hr Jeekmaa bleak vent aad neck ruffles at eno (to nil ehiffcxibiack Turned ia1 hat trimmed with men aad roll td terracotta velvet Mr McArthur a rich shade tt brown etol bodice made ia Russian style with revets of OOM at UX LARON rot LOTTT ROOM Iroi 80 XU good Mt ftatas yota KttR rARSSDX Uriel Tine '1 8Sj in black and brow black bonnet with touches of pink Mrs Alfred was a decidedly novel lonkihg and al Cue oatoe Uiue becoming giren tte skirt uf blade moire aiid tbe bodice of black and green tartan with puffed undrr tleevra ot black ha in and jet Llsek Let trimmed with ostrich tips and velvet ruaetu of greua and red Mr Andrew Teun iat black brocade with long peltate of rich black pink Mortfoek TtAei id mllg mro4 1 ro re roaro tmigvtw WIC i aA Keroies dark Use oostum with puoebed vert and yoke of white anti studded with tmy equiiH black hal with frettera Mr Aaatruttar Thottpeo deep plum color with graduated fioe taadoa by rows of black velvet and narrow gold braid Mr Philip alk a very brooming frock of dark green plentifully trimmed with black braid jewelled belt and fawn felt bat Mr Tom Earntield skirt of rich black moire bodic of black satin and jet black and pink bonnet Mian Barntield was attired in one of tbe prettiest dreseat on tte lawn consisting of a pretty rather bright shade of irrr pink taat of sMiuaaalino du suie and folded bait of oink astui black velvet hat with white tips Mias Ott grey Mia Morrish grey doth braided in black revere and epaulettes of grass green velvet edged with fur Mr Willie Clark (wife A tbo populae owner cl Hainaalt) black silk akirt Md handvomo Uoom 4 purple aod green silk tartan purple velvet shoulder frills and toque to corrvapood Mr 3 HeealUa navy Uo with vest of pink ailk veiled in black chido black and pink tat Mr IL 0 born dark green akirt braided up tte easnu in Uack gtceu velvet bodice with cream silk vest green velvet toque Mr George Dean prune and black mixed tweed and small toque with violets Mr Talbot Braith blue serge costume pritb Russian blouse braided with black email black hat Mr Willie Elli small checked tweed costume ia green aiKl gtey Mria Boochby navy bluo root aod akirt Mira Content a very pretty dnro of pate grey faced cloth edged with fur hat of royal purple aad purple ohaded parasol Mr Berry black Xias Kerry Uack skirt and a faetuonable tartan biooea ia blns aad grren slashed with white Maa Berry brown Mr Ctaria dark green doth tailor made rout aod skirt Mr Dixaon looked very bandoooN in a track of dark green with Kuaeiaa bodice braided from neck to wrist block bat with crown of green velvet eoged with handsome gold and grren passem*nterie ter sister Hua Mary othergill was in a pretty shade of blue braided with black long pate Woe scarf ot anxuoeliae do eol and black aad blue tat Mr How black with abort full shoulder cape Time 1 min 3t sec hK444S HVKDLC UKC A handicap of loO sor Winer to be sold by aaaettaa for 30 aov aay aarplro over cell tag price to go to the funds ot Um dub About owe aad three quarter suk £780 Mr Howie's bkg Garter by Blue Stocking (silk 6 yr or egad 11 aL Barr) 1 £221) Mr Bteerrie Comfript (QIIJv BgrUi lix VHRMT1J £G28 Mr Tait's MitsLUU(nilk aged at 3 IK (L Jcekia) £167 Un Mr Earign (ml) aged 10 a fr lb (A Coohraro) £51 Mr br Carouse (Cluu 6 yr oe aged 0 a llx (J VTootel £73 5 Muu 8 erry Alieeuo (etlL 6 yr or aged 9 st 3 lh including 31k overt Browstor) £134 Mr Hay iBMfr yrw vta awvutMj Amount mreetod £3053 6 dividend £2 8 aad 12 on tote Tho start took place at tte top of the straight and tho fint bardie waa taken by Garter Miralnii Conscript and Caroua with Eaaign laat Tbs next obstacle waa first stared by Garter aad Ccmcript from Carons Mirsbilia and Ensign being still last earing tte rtaad Caeoos Garter Conscript and MinHlit were rauaiag ia that cede Alicettu being nest and tbo utberi were terettar Nagotiating tbo hurdle at tte mite and a fur long pros Car we ted drown out three tengtta from Garter Conetripk and Mirahili aocae diataneo uff being Playmate and Eroirfb Aiioette tailing CiMtaiipt and Mirabilu jumped together over tte hurdle tho eovea furlong poet ta front of Mirnbili Carouse was beaten At tbo jump on the hili Garter was two or three lengths dear ot Conacript and Garter Garter ted down tte straight safely aegotiatiug the remaining jump and winning easily by five length Ccnacnpt was second a tengtb in front of Mirahili Playmate waa fourth 20 lengltia away and then camo Ensign aad Varcum at iatervtla Ahcstte also fiaasted Tiste mta 28 on nrrptiar cor A hand trap ch 800 ecv amend tame to receive 108 eov and tte third aov out of HAOZSTT iLRUMRLwnmtMdm ttiltattf 1 COMPLETELY CURED Mr A Roberta prujiriotur ot ttie well known hairdriroing saloon and hot and cold baths of Su mcent atreet Pars Adelaid affords a tptemUd illustration of tte suon ea which may ta attained by tte modem bealmg ar It ia an acknowledged fact that more than one half of tte diwaae and aickneea throughout tlie world caused by tte imperfect actum uf tba and digestive organs generally ami te whole trend uf uui civilisation ia to render tlwse organs more liable to derangement teotua oi cue con ditions under which we liv With tUu rapid incteaao of blliousow indigestion and allied complaint there have nuturelly sprung mlo a wlura crop ot rutuvd'Ka which purport to relieve or cure tlie sufferer but only those wbo Lave been afflmted know tn bow many instances the cures are all worked "on paper" Tte taae ot Mr Kolwru on tbe cun li ary shows what tan tedous and what has teen done not only alleviate but to totally cure ttaoe serious cumpteint Mr Robert on being quuaUuned con cerning hia lets illnee willingly consented to give all the information coucerning hia cure which lay in hie power Me says "fxiiue seven or eight years ago i ted ray first attack of bilraunneo 1 was entered tor a Biietbeld Handicap at Broken Hill and my chance was cooaidenid a ry good one The prises were very hign ana I waa in good ctsdilioo On St Patricks tbe day of tte bowsrer 1 was seised with sitkrnw and as a result 1 was quite unable to compete thus forfeiting my entrance fees and cbaaco of a pria rom that tune for tte next year or two I tad intermittent attacki of Irilimisigan until about four or five years ago my spietite failed rom tbat time up to the last few weeks 1 ataolut ly did uot enjoy a single 1 removed from Adetad vbi re 1 bad been working totta Port but change was otuobaoefit Doctors advised me to lake plenty of enreiee before breakfast This i have Wj ti1na'a liaughter "The WU end ''hhrvwsliary to end Cd Money CHEAPEST MONEY £25 £50 £75 £100 A9VAXCZD UH BlKMOIta KBCUUTm £1OO Pays iMrrsst aad Marital REE COMMISSION ASSISTANCE GIVEN TO BUILD liupsnsl Luiktias Socety tOMMOAT leorotary hom*ofcra amtars Waymeutti atiett UteswdH to 1897 aad £18971 i the psnan year Tw tag dinfire ta IT ate £47 IK gii terir tte fiftriNiM ate white very rereptehia to tte lueky in dividuate wte JcfA there eurtainly da Harir greon hat: Ms Ewtaak navy bta red long tweed ulster with Aetrootaa ateevre ate collar Miao Goli Hack green with rove cl uack braid bahotropo ti ate large black tat with vioteta Mr John Graewolh pereia end black braced with peoremaotarfe trimming Mt English fata with rows of narrow creeia guipure edging Mr IL Varley navy blue root ate skirt black tat trimmed with grey ate Une poppi an Mr Steven black Hr DurettaKL gray coat ate skirt pate green vest Mr ctaile dark green coat ate akirt aecordioa pleotad pink chiffon vest black aad gnen toque Mx Ractard Staves Uack inuir yoke ct gstotted white ebiffox white oaip tat with falter ostrich fun th err ate clutter of pink rceee stent tba brim Mr A Woodco*ck a deep abode cl royal purpte haadaouiriy braided in blade Miso Woodco*ck dark green sod white seat Mr Danini brown woollen tangaliae braided black ate edged with brown lur black velvet toque Mr Charter Lawrano dark green long jacket ate shut edged with fur hues Mom dark grey coat ate akirt Miaa Emily Lawraac enure Miss Bessie Bright plcra color Mn WillieMai black and violet Miao Strother archer's green coat aod skirt Mr Banta plum tea velvet bodice opening over vte of rite ci silk purpte velret toque with cream lace wings Mist Ada Dreyer block and violet Mies Webster pretty bluo frock revere of white eatui braided with Uack becoming velvet bat in motue brown Mr Gebhard biack Mwa Gebhardt green ate ten I Gebhard purple and brown Mr Hannam aioo grime breaded with black small bteck aad red boooet Mr allon Uack Miao Carrie Wiatart dark green Mr Brock black coat and skirt Uack ate wbito wot ate Uack ha' Mias Edith Brock green and Uack pete blue ti red Uack ate palo blne hat Mr Bailey black Mtss Carenagb Mainwana dark Ereoa ate aoorlei Mr Wright lu black ate pink bat Mr 3 Ateereon Uack cost ate akirt grrnn ate white velvet bat trimmed with vioteta Mr West Uack Mr Letchford be discarded from the stabl Mr Crosier's pair looked very gay ate WM people remarked on GnnUoa tate eoree looks ate relied oa ability to make the pone warm for her stable companion Eleumva waa decidedly disap poinvuig in apprerMK tar skin lucking dull ate justifying tta eleventh boar ramur that she fate not got well over tier lassos gallop Paul Pry a fine big born looked laity enough to carry hia weigh but st lb tUd upon bim ta tte journey Hia owner 8sr Rupert Clark tacked him for a modsentaam in tbe macbin Many favored Paul Pry on tbe aeore that Barton wbo ia also fey Lochtef bad won tbe opening no Choke boro bad tbe solid support at hie porta ate wm liked by tbe Mei bourne diviaios whilst a pretty solid vtte wan also given for Lochatae Viking ate Eiowsmiaa tad a few move friends than Cats paw nte Staff but de otter tadteing Ttateer Qrore were only odsrotely supported i By tbe time that Mr Cornelias bad taken the field in hate at the puoS tbe weight of metal in the machine bad eatablieted Elaurire a strong lint favcril more than a tbourete being placed on tae Gnteo wan tte next beet favorite witb Chokebore and Pool Pry following in tte betting as as med Wtan tte terrine wm lowered Staffs and Haar Hone were ia tbe centre re tbe out side Trentalt Paul Pry ate Recoup ate on sta inside In under Quw iking Eieuriaiaa and Goodwill Tte tahiority ranged wail up to the nipt bat of the 18 manors three or four were reetsve until Mr Cornelias taking a tavornbla moment dis patched them oa tbeir journey in a good even line amidst the applause of tho onf*cker Bloodstone waa the first to show a pronaiosat lead making tbe pace pretty Mt from Princess of Walm ate Thunder Queen As the mile post Staffs tad taken third position from Princess at Wale Thondee Qwen dropping beck slightly Imttatar Paul Pry red Kleurive were pro minent in the eeroud division At tbe mx facie putt Bloodstone wee loading Princess ot Wale Lochaber ate Thunder Queen with Recoup ate Lord Ualwbury ia tte rear Un tbe hill PriMom of Wales joined Bbcdscono in tbe lead from Thunder Queen Staff Paul lry Elonriv end hknuuaia Thunder Queen waalightly in tbo lead entering the straight from aged 8 a IV IK (A erris) £157 lu Mr air axon 5 vi a 3 lu (H MorrieuD) £27i Mr 1 Barren's or hr Antarctic 4 yru 8s 2 IK (S Willis) £2 51 Tolsona bg Dick Whitting ton 4 yr 8 a (A Egan) Mr HsIom's Lecturer 3 yr Totalizat ir Amount investor! £253 15 di viu tui £3 15 and Is on 5 tote air bnxoo aud Antarctic were tbe first pair sway and wbeu tta even furlong pwt reai li id Aolari'liC led air Saxon urore ami Dick Whittington After goinc an iL'r furimig Rmu Mj was out from air Saxon Antaruli and urore die iat two belli an I Diek Winttinrtou At the himfutionr post Bun Mane was three ur four lengths iar u( l'ir tSixoa TsiiKica urore AuLn'etu' and Kallara tlm rise Bam Mario was lour ur five lengths clear of lapKc who lollowed Ly urore and Kaifar the bl le ing well together In the dip Bam Mane wi leaiiiug Taptoc Krllara ami My Nnel and at ilia two niri iug po lapim Uemfiid Bam Mane sod Killara At (lie (i Taimen led My Ni vl having gi ue up aecon i in fruot of Kailsra and ur ur ipei waa not Leaded aud wvn by a ucrih three quarter of a length being betwi urore and Kallare My Novel wn fourth Lecturer bun air Saxou sixth and then value Bam5 rie wrJ Antaicre: sod Dick Whittington Parallax st 1(1 IK including 3 IK over L) McGrath) Mr A Pree 'a Lr Lady Mel leKirra' st IK (V Mr Gordon's br I Cota 6 7 IK (Master II wdou) £11 Mr Jordon's Albani i sc lb including IK over (S WiUisi AN OVPORTUNITY CitvnnHtanm eomeei owner wUns AMILY KISIPLNCE reveo rcis convraieens select neicblwvtovd ante awn i iedlr Uiiaomuae AT KENT TOWN SIX ROOMED VILLAbuilt rry rocnionabW Calais lh th uvuhudvr rjtux wsh Irmkk cur hr rf try coatroirace Ji Tetroi crrtjI AUo lie tHirfvtMZifd VlUJtK bait vwy eonteujrnct ood tei lias paACica nuUeal tartM Ukt stew fiOflg I Apply rrTT AT HYDE PARK KEAITILL RESIDENCE t'fflit ruxiis pAfttnr bilh bow wiimAo ffwtntr atiU lefrck wnadaho wtde hall mortb tnidlffto crtr lead Only 1 iuik from Otty ouaAc Muit heli owr letvitq tot cvQUtry BARRETT CO 3eeee OPPOSITE KOT AL KTCBAXqK boiTT ORGET THIS OWNER GOING AWAY CITV neat ul'ti KOONKli STONE COTTAGE la cool repair nt Ta per week Ill) terms hr Aldste tUXHULu PROPEBTY RoOMED CUTTACK aad ruit Tree all fenrad Pnc alii terois snaased DAXIXLS CO MELVIN K15O WILL1AM STXXET BATH HEATERS KEV IHIMENT JEST TO HAND ABSOLUTELY SAE INSTANTANEOUS IN OPERATION rEARN GOSS ILLTKNlA JirREET X2ee JOHNS MAG0R trt Ml btaarsteeker Royal Esshaag AD there Novela ta tte Well known PSEUDONYM AMD AUTONYM Libraries at an Enamoiu Reduction 6d per VoL ta paper reduced from 1 9d per VoL in doth reduced from 1 Unadoeen Paper Vol poet Ire 5 Una daasn Ckitb Vol pint fro 8 COME AND LOOK AT THEM 0B SEND OR A LIST 67 RU1TDLE STREET saw Mr Croetae mw aoBoaanrul with itiitae wire Iff rearers faced tbo Matter ate tn UM Mt Barr Smith in picking tbe winner heard oca lady say blact black tat Mies Handyside dark green also suffered by tlie uc de badbad aomethtag on fonr henen eren Mr Co hl A silk handsome light silk 1 Stewarts colt Taro race up to tue lae ano inew a ireuci ta oiocae witn reive uoii ro sire aasrvua her tanking accottn Tte Governor aceom I lack trituxd with narrow rows of black panisd by Mite Mabel Buxton ate Captain braid black hat trimmed iu blue and Widhngto arrived in time to witoeea the grren Mr Bickford black: Mira Bick vent of the day Miaa Boston wore a black ford navy blue black hat with large skirt and bodice of turjuciaa blue silk vailed in tioboa rosettes of prie btao and creain oemv seaaare Wld Ortl rein sr rew a rare re ware CMM area mrere aI OffAk iflL I ha firilnaiBff fT a I tacka wmby tbe AftC to much aad brorn fpauiur bo: Mfx 1 to irumiled ac i Mm Jofea Ctetaaa mm aHiMfl tn ita hrtAa Vnlknflfr rkxrle ueme blpA Sim wnrtt I Miiatet fcL Grvdan lmi Otae ftjeuu abcmdrd vbteh theta nehlybraidad dre a of a prune ade wild i ear nri waa virtue out uf tbe rac? tbromch wore at tbe Adelaide Cup Miss Emery fawn black traiduhrt tbe entire Length of tba skirt somebody getting ui t'e nay of hi mount cnlue with pale blue vest and hat of violets sarall black list Mn i Dr) A Bonne Tsrsu tbe wicn of tta Kensnioo Stake ateleaveu Itev Cuias was ta a gown of I Rreoa Eton coat and skirt with taacyaUk vest inid tbo hundjm dividend of 17 12s handaoma black silk with cut jot trimming ate Alisa t'ouie Trow navy bluo coat and skirt tra owner having inverted a fiver on bioi ornament bonaet of block with aoft white Tui Shantre toque of royal blue vei 't Tarsus uho by 1 iund rbolt ul mtnch plume hire Core fawn color faced ud black tipa Musi Mary McLean started two or ir tm ei earlier in tle sxun cloth coat ate skirt black end green tat Mr i dat srec lare black velvet bat aid was riwve unplau was rediiud Griorei) Mady a very hMdoaeJAactved Mam bflJtbe mbaU tbeck cob toise I with bad galk'j us the Saturday ACJf I 1 LOAN AND DISCOUNT OICE ft 1' RAIfiii 'i'rB KT AAKRAWf IUtob or SMALL SLK8 AL VANCW re Ite and long dark green cloak trimmed with I which facts appear to account fur tii dividend an! Sta'f Th a cw 1'aa 1 It 4lL 1J 1 aU 1 1 1 I I' Mibm Huuib rlone brown Mr King wood navy and hlack Mri II Raphael aloe green cloth with reian b'ua Iwaided in blx and edgi wtl narrow Airachan trimnings Mr MclntnsK lla sdk and velvet Mrs Conrad dark Liue Mire Valen tine small clieck tweed trimmd with trn en icL tun lxxiee fronts uvir a vest elalriA rerin ate tartan Mrs Gearss Heid abut brown ami grren with brown velvet iujuo aod given tir Mr aiitb black skirt striped silk blouse black velvet ba Hardy navy blue coat and skirt: Mr Cliaypl fawn farad cloth akirt and Eton ja keC paile bine vest Hack and de hl'ie hat Mm Turnbull black figured clutli black and red Toreador hat hire laie Capon navy cov' uine with butter cup trimmings with 'black velvet tai and vureta Mr Edward Mittmann tailor made liordertown May Tiie annual sporu were held to day and Koi cd a great Tbe weather was autifully tine and tin attendance good Tiie rcauJti were as lodow Maidens Scott 1 Mile Six started TaM 12 ace Yilsiann 1 Ktllaia ifteen tUietal Handicap McArthur vsrdsX I Milee (16 srUsx fi i 14 ysnls) rie en tsrlcL I ilur4cw lylcr t' tardSL 11 Ksnsine (7 yards 2 ('or lni (14 y'HK '1 Niue etar'vt ebtr (IS srds I ocott (11 yards) 2 Tune lu sen 9urter ot Mite Seetoa(10 yards) I Miles (4i i anleX £icl*t stalled 1 1 pi I Jniit a' Sewtoo () yani) I asntaU (M tli'i iin Ir 1 riu irv iiilli Iinmo trd gnu yanW 5 oe ilartrd sixth attpaw i nti lirkec tte eicblb ii stare Jii haU isids) 1 iisrrw Then eativj Grmlwill Cta'a bor iking sen (wrai h) bixsisrtci tvrsl llairtk IS varael 1 Miles yatdel 1 McArU ur (vnl lil On Hrad cep aeovu (10 ysrXl Wiese (9 yarusl 2 Eleven started A eceecrt and baU were teld ia tbe rveniag aad Were well attended Mirant Garabiiw May 30 To day waa otavrved aa a public holiday and the weather was beautifully fin Bicycle rnren were hel tt Park Tbe result being as foslow Nwiene one ft Wstaoe McCarthy Oisrn llsn lK sn one mile sud a haff tTi'eoo 1 Leslie McCarthy A Time nn 4) rev Vpen liaiKtiixf one AJLaw 1 arrcn i I ovks Wni es iiy Trophy Cuuinetit in £10 I one three and five miles one Ilainaier 1 MeNamu i Powded Tuie 2 an er Tiirev nuee Bammct 1 McNamara DowiteU Time 7 ou XI sec ive miles Hammer 1 Beeiey lx liowsRJ rotate ftumucr IS IsowdcU It waa core in a commanding poeitiou in tte Middle of tte counc ata Mr Jamra'a pair togetter oa tbo rail A grata totals bone leiiilleii in Thunder Queen winning amidst applause by ihri quarter of a length Pria ossa of Wales being a couple of kngtte ta (rout of Eleuauuan with Eleueive fouru Paul i'ry fifth Gaullo sixth Catepaw next ata tte last two were Bloodstone and Recoup Tte tim min 41 sem ia 3 so faster than last year The wuumw wm ridden by Mntaa wbo won last yenra Cup on Eleuainire far Mr Jama ata also wre cm Ikimpa at the SAJC inerting in tte Totalizator Hatai eapv besides scoring a aerond on Thunder Queen iu tbe City Handicap Tte Warner paid the tataeome diviteud of £28 17 much to tte surprise ot tar trainer Hiekeubottam wbo did not beck ter preferring Choke bore aa tte winner and patting hia own money and tua co tte cult Ilia opinion was irrpri im by uson Munday that tte man had not teen up long enough to win a tare ukatbi tat her recent gallops eeem to have dune ter a of good and go to stew that chi family like to race big ata well with out too much i xereiso on tte track Tbuedrt Queen aa a two yeer oM won ibe DequeUevUh) tStakm with 7 a 12 lb from 1'luviu 7 lb 1U ata Recoup 9 a 8hu won tte MorpteUviifo Plate with 8 a from MArryatvilto 8 bl ata 8 a 3 lu thirti Ste also won tte Breeders' Handicap with aL 7 11 from Hear Hear i it lu IK ata Marryatvill 8 a 10 JU Bhe won tte 8outh Australian Stake it I IK fixn irst Master 8 10 lb and Tte Hummer 8 10 IK She wen again ta the South Aus tralian Derby witb 8 a 5 IK from Princess of Wale 8 a 5 IK ata Tue Kovalis 8 a lu IK 8be won Tte Oate wiii 10 IK frc Muooylota 8 at lu in and Princess of Wale 8 10 LI and wun tte 8 Levr with 8 st 8 IK from Elewmuan 8 a 10 lb and the Kyali 8 11) IK ata ran aecoud io the City ifaadrap lart Satur day Thunder Quern is by Thunderbolt by Musket (imp) out of Luckot (imp) by i'butaerbolt sun of Stockwell from Jxeep is Queen ber daiu Tliundr on tte Mu She Uaj anlL there bring a doula as to wtetter te would be able to race again Wtxra Htekcnholiiam came over als was changed from Quitm'a stable to nt Morplietl ville to join Mr Rowee's otter tames when be brought them over Tte Kenainton Staktt tad 10 starters after the turee of Gtoukopis fata been struck out Hriuault was established favorite witbCieer Eulaii and Kanfurly nex aa named in the machine Tbeoanervot the two top weights were rech nrertv confident and Lacked titer Tin Count who left for Melbourne on Mon day atirn'uji reports Iravmg laid the follow ing doub' on the Melteurne riy and Cup: 2UU0 Cordtte and Cordite 2OiO Ci rJito and Amberite 1000 Bobadil aad ufrt Jl'i IiI au i Ckrii i 25u0 vida an: Clarion lor II UxeubMuk i lire Ac lxiJv Ciitldny Cup Hatareapi be iot off at Mwp'ielUiik to day when it nil lraii and cvovcyancen will a aiinuurced by advi rtiiw Tta first orte it £3A re taiug so large as with a tetter display of form the liable would have tMukixl him nfidi utly Tre tune was fair liog 1 min 4 Tire next event on the card a lb anta Handicap for winch Tb'iud iuwu Vaa arratclirai ata a dozen fa'irue iacta tlie A favorite Was made in uad with Aiittrali 'O well Lai Kta at tte finish also Dump Security i Aivwr orominMit tsMition was tiken earlr in the race br Cicar rte ho led tai till tbe pickets were re lied wb Alv ttry I put in her claiuiA and va igoroudy ridden I I'r by I Uy aud landed a winner by a fin ge'UgbM IJUW riD14 tafV WiA 0 JWKfcU Mini a quarter in front of Once More Chit Chat waa fourth Cigarette fifth Dumps sixth and Australian seventh Security acting wlupjs in The winner wm trained by Jenkin Glenelg and paid a dividend of £7 1 for every pound invested Tte tet rare cd the day vu Cha Welter Handicap for wh ch Inc Bleu and Kingsbridge were aerxtehrai Of die Emva ahaefnre Trnnesv hmri lxm totcamft fnllw cuetumo of green curl cioU witb green velvet I ing urors being oext in favor and hat ata violet then Antarctic k'afltra and Mv Xuvel THE RACING Tbe early running was made by Baio Mane Tte committee wisely decide) to start (heir but Tapioca and Kxltora joined ter in die racing on the holiday hii an hour earlier than Tapioca waa leading usual and when tiu ten candidates tedlte and woe coraiortably by a length with tbree up and faced tbe rtatUr for tire Tria) Stakes quarteia between urore and halitra My at half an hour put noun ttero waa already a fo'Jrtli Lecturer tilth The goodly attendance of apectatoro and tie winner who was trained by Hn atnam rat arrivals continued up dividend of £3 15 pioca was the Birthday Cup was won ur the bought foe lire present owner by lom Krely nrsl utatuity was made a slightly better fsraritc thau Barton but it had leaked out al tte elevcntli hour that thia previously dis appointing animal wax likely to re rfurtn at his test ata Lis tetty lur once had tlie gratifica tion of finding bim in a real galloping humor Orb Leva Munc ata The Bisuop were tho trio next in favor but tbe race pretty open at toe vtarL Tte roaoing wasotietwd by Dun Manic aud Best Man but jutt uftei the pickets were passed barton took command tram Orb and Ire a Manic and in this unier they finished Barton winning by a length and a half from Orb with Lues M'tuc third tore quarters of a length away Deans and 5'lio Bishop were the next pair Tbe time I min 34 sec was 2 nee faster than tte saute race waa done laa year Tte winner paid a dividend of £4 4s He was ridden by Wd'i ata trained by Murphy The next event waa tte rwlliog Hurdle Race ata aa the ecrateliieg pea tad teen put through the natif of Daily a favorite was found in Garter wuh Mirabilis next in demand Conscript also tad a fair fullowing' of supporter Cwcvcript and Carouse tel away at the start but the latter aoua retired Garter who lay in a bandy pueitioo took com mand on the bill rata waa never treaded Well Without making a mre came hitna five fourths ra front ci Conscript wbo wm a length from Mira hili waa fourth about A) lengtoa off and tbe others in Indian file at long interval! Dividend £3 3 The winner who was ridden by Barr waa trained by bis owner IL Howm ata oa being sub 'itied to auction ns bought at 50 guinea All the Uartera went toe course but Ensign Carouse ata Alicetto were tte last ta get home After lunebeun the big event of tbe meetlug the Birthday Cup next earae under revi Tle scratchings on tte course were KaUara Cbit Chat Royal Admiral ata Duke of Richinond leaving 18 candidates to be scrutinised in tbo birdcag There were aome mev looking horses aanongat item ata public opinion waa well divided up till the final moment oa tbeir respective merit Tlie parttaaaa of tte several focal atabkn were cloeely Th Midcr lu'ca and tins pair hi idetl Jeu siiieMi and Eleurive At thr hall ds inder Wive in front ot rnnerea Eteuainun i'juive linul'o Paul 421000 Grwiag or Uankn Lata Sts lues ta nrsr fMottg ANOAN8X central gmt oVlOOV elamNewCtttagm Itreomeiaal long £1 Mr Stewart's br Tarouc by Btoite'Ufie SL 1U LU lU Wilson) £7 Mr Clark's Uainaull 10 at Lr Renfurlr Ina 21k (W Powell) £14 lift 'Jr Crot lot's br Close at 2 IK (E Hodgkins) £111 Mr co*ck's Ealalto 8 st 5 ih (J Gough) £11 Mr A Blacklur'ab Gratuity list 91k (CMeEnhiL) 0 ic azwiai 0 £251 15 Sir Clathe' UtXLKV AlletsusM A 4Ulh GftANGL loo Allormmt Eaplaoade Baa View kirtoly iWocb raad ata olhrra SA UN DU Its A ASHBoYo KoYAL EICUANag lltoww: JOHN WYLES CO £143 Mr Rowan's Thondee Queen by Ttandevbolt Qraeun Ccuscrt 4 yr 7 st 2 lb (B Matson) £218 Mr Jaatea 5k Priuruue of Wale by Robinson Crtww Lady Mar den 4 yr ff at 9 lb (W Devaney) £2U9 Mr fa Elcneinian by Robinson Eleuse 4 yr 8L 3 lb 11 Holmes) ES'l Sir lb bg Paul Try by Busybody ft yr 2 et IK uwell) £3 ft Mr 8 Btoomfirid'a Cats lw by Cyctooe 6 yra 'Jau (W Lake) Mr Gnull by St Black Ron ftoe 8 yra Bate 10 IK (E Hodgkins) £1007 Mr Wilrao'e Eleu rive by 'Jensifi 9 yra 8 ate 7 llx (11 Morrison) Mr co*cks'a og Viking by Busy Bee 5 yr 8 ate ft 11 (J Gough) £131 Mr Staff by ADKLAtliK eurth avanue re taw he 17 a 140 £al MALVEUN Watlie atnvt 4 larre renn hath ceHar lll i ISO 7181 tftOO EPW AUIXTOSt Sroou etaUe ecne Utt PAHttolliL Cambruttetorrac sm Il and xte corner Nosta TtlbbARiOK room 10 UA MSI ULLAKTUN ihac aL room Mem NfiMh CHlLOLhfLtTatKT A 4 roots 4 a tSU huRWOUt Deulab rcta Uouia IS a 1ST AIILAIPK StuenH eaUar taStfi tffea NOBW4M1D room hath fanuy eMtaeaea lata aero fronting three atroett £110 BULKY BKAUM Eapfasade 1 Ccuam eaeh 4 rooms Ct3U haimi te HYDK AKK arieueet Ron fatSh tate Stry two allotment gas atta TOWN Kitodli etfvat reoM hath MB Drott ast aoiiaim aery obOZO House i largo room 11 14 Ma Guy Hou atreet Si ft fronton teas AKTHLB a SANpKta Loro Ctamtei (Opparite Iowa Bag tmliiitQ UtataNM PER WK BUYS SUBSTANTIAL VILLA lVk BOONS NATH ANIBT TOUHM KIXCBNB neuatal to ASHIONABLE SUBUBfc BULLOCK C0M AUCT1UXEEI18 VALUATOM LAND AND CSTATE AUL8T Tort Chamber roaMla etieoh fa WOODORDE cciuumn sotrrn CNIXT romm hath i 1 tata tu a Ito prior Wtk XoBWtxiP Beuiahead VOto of mom fa fiern dam orter lead to a ISO ASM onr rooaneit COTT AOK Isyotan £1M cur roomvd COTT AC 8 Madill gnu Larse bL'TCHUINU PKtallhL WoeS Thabartm 4400 Three raonwd COTT40K gin our reoeuod (XlTTAGK gitt North tanetogtoc Bit roomed Hul'sK A SCHRODER VAXSURIL'SK CBANBKiU KINO WILLI AN bTKALT atrowMB ItOR BALK LAND a 100 Qty cheap Apply 1 "Land" ibis vSc LLO dark green Miaa de Courvr Count brown braided in black Mr A A Hamilton dark bine Mme McarLw dark grren coat and skirt Mias Down black black and white ailk hlniiee ata velvet hai Mr Lermitte navy blue coat ata skirt black bolero hat with pink ailk crown Mr Solomon Senior hand some brocaded cloth costume in buck were each pretty confident ana incKea ttteir black and green hat Mia Sofomon hone Sir Rupert Clarke again investing Senior brown ata black Mr Uetaee I another fiver on Haioault but back 1Ar iwU (wr dsth vuhniffliw huwli1 iar hia own SA well Sot oulv UiamI uff fvwS ArtWLJ geitt eerom ere i i "A Ufff'k Mim Httadvaidr wwn aiw auflervd bv tbe naexut'Cto'd victory I Eletiiaiatu end A ii iiwn sulli feuru 1 wrvt iini AiiBriurv inj ik nr in pultun home trat iu clever run miieput BloudMuM wu teea lUinautt aud Ranfuriy und out PrinccM oi htt 4nr1wa'w ItV fk to Art Yuarlf 1baiI I'vn KltMtvra HMD uaiaAUlt wail luciuny i a beau Uvujaa and I'sranax next At tle I I epauietuo Mias Gwynn puriJe anil Hack Mias there eras a breako vry ata the gra Miunitei Staux 1 huniler Queen I nul and lirte few of tha Ulive Cow plum color Tam o' Shantor toque fr a atari but the terrier was broken aad uta gate rd Salisbury then la An Miter trtT to match ata brown featavr Ixia Mr to te mended an 1 iIku when went up furlong having ber covered tho Irod ww waa thrown ta tue i atdiout "i ah Locl ter Thun lit Queen btatla Caul ry Goodwi I and Luk gate being his nearest attendant 'tiie Ui two Recoup and Lord JAl luiry At t'iv five lurlotig not Procio of Wah' i ran ti aril rrupanii Loc I tt th aio Staff bunder jiteot I'aul Pry Iteciii Buitegate Goutiwiil and LwGate At the end of another furlong I'tincc uf Wales beaded Bloodaton Thunder Quena yr ti at i IK (G Smith) Amount inveeted £4535 Ida dividend iZSS 17 ata £7 4 3d on fi tote Tte start took piece in front at tlie grand etata and aa they ranged along tte torrter tbe order In tbe Centre Staffs aad Hr Here on tee onttMie Trenbalto Paul ry ata Recoup and on tte inaidc Thunder Queen Viking Ktouainiaa ata (tawuL A spiced id start waa effected Thunder Queen Goodwill ata Kheoup firm getting two while the last two were Vikin and Hear Hear Un reacbiag tte turn Blttaatone hi i wove forward ata heeded Prince ui I Thunder Queen Catapaw Scad and Lieu einian Cteketore was than last rea 11 uwalita rarA hr 4 Ptr Wales Thunder jut eo 1 and third 1 Tte shooting will cum 1 ata Staff Ttey raced along to tte mile ard at b'od a tn and i mvh'on will be pro Bda inc hi own vei ftirt ouiv Uireei a lur unit real with Bloodstone sit srv IU vti tur 'lr iiurp VVW Aaffwu it'll IM lASgu nt mm JI Viuuot reR wcac I 'Ufa im tiiuvrno I ea ae er vwic Mitt Amata Wright petunia and rap red in tbeir auticmftou uut the pufi'ic Staff Thunder Queon Recoup Paul I'ry 'I the rich iu lu te lur tlieir forth as aneltou oak MM th bakcau er ybab TWOE1GBT100IK8TI1AA3 QOOfrOBBn V8UIK £850 TBS AJBb £5 TO £10000 7 KNTrr 1 fin Dawtnn il tfAnaahnM ln I'urdculA' A arv uhiAinhl a (rum ibr weertwy nLL UC IC iirmiure ueet A noies si hDffho Thu BirthCav Cup llitidicap I Hand or otner seeunuaa Stnifa 1'in Mat' cf I i 'u all nxiier I nTV Pit TCP's 4 411 bvrowerv cm ropey weekly or owerwim BDs nrek hafr Pau! I'ry Merely ata te idl nt Un Ad hnde tuu Club I muuntra uaujr ewoem siaeuy coeaueauaL unlv 1 Villi' teimr laa Wiren ilia aurrti furlon 1 grotto Moroter ibr to dav Tin uiatcli I DKLIVCiteD NY LR DXHAD CABTS DAILT "ATI A A la mg iourti iwl waa reacted Uloodton woe racuv in cuiumrucen at tel art lu aai lunebeuu and I ampi ricOMi i aiji*z irt of thia ratfu advance of of Wiita LwiiaU 1 afternoon tin i pruvii ') Tr iin vib RED BRICK ELL AND DISCOUNT BANK tue tev lur tlw ULADSTuXB t'UAMBlte and coiii tltora I a Wl Jel W4 rtf I Na 12 UM ttravL Adelaid Teleplooe C4A Xtxweffli Cfflee hour 30 td) a UI It lafc I NMMre re raMn were tte ftte nilcBii both fttanae todta teine with fatten or UaA wte ted made tte trip new fatten rake of tte rwrinc nta atenp Tte awarit tnmantrinvasan OMneMnrh tenure ia not Hkanraoa tew it it a ffardeo Alt vn qsw sedan anr tbn sate weed ia uanA witteM tte vqoal BBaottMaittita Wteterefftam wbtat every itahtaanl baa team an ten namretetted Bad wriieri teem ten otee to ttane wte like tba macritM to tew ttey ought to invert Althnngh tte arath wtean fate ttekrte manaren ata etorta Utosr vA fa a smart ata ahtomar ata fan ffXAMff Iff pmri teroogri on trie day aa eomparta witb 1QA3M crffBU PAKnn4QAL Be are Ttcaevtoeaear ttwem year saw Bill Branch trio pcpnlar bockMka a vfaanr witb Ltttfa Jarit fa a Atal 1 in tte nnta Wd cf nfan ccrepetitaM Tte wan altered to iSia ata tr firian ata Job Hill ararnff With Bator fa faidWrifh ata purfrrreod tte tbtto foot mu jw a Md at aaen Lettie Boa won four rlter ate fa 1899 tte diaaaaoo ct tte rase wreMead to tale ate a half with dona ru nee ate tte victory geiag to Kaaebaa'a Beanfay Tte mma owner won again tte fii 0 ft.

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